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We have One Vision

One Vision Group SA is a Swiss company that specializes in luxury retail products available both in physical and virtual stores, as well as in distribution for luxury brands and digital services that support the sale of high-end brands.


Metaverse Retail

We're building a proprietary virtual world unlike any other, featuring a towering skyscraper and an enormous luxury mall where high-end brands can showcase both their digital and physical products and engage with a massive audience of luxury enthusiasts.


Watches and Jewels retail consulting

One Vision can help to enhance the sales of your Boutiques and the stock management , thanks to retail specialists and therefore to grow your profitability.


Luxury Brand Distribution

One Vision relies on a multi decennial experience in Watches and Jewels distribution all over the world and provides connection with the key partners of the industry in a variety of different geographical areas.

One Vision’s mission is to support the development of the brand from the construction of the image to the in-shop sales to end consumers.


Private Sales

One Vision provides private sales and concierge services to VVIP’s clients worldwide.

Thanks to an incredible network , tailor made events can be successfully organized in the most exclusive locations.



Commercial Real Estate

One Vision can provide services of location or re-location in the best commercial streets and malls worldwide.


Digital Services

We offer digital and advertising development services for high-end brands utilizing cutting-edge technologies and creating immersive, highly engaging user experiences.

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One Vision Group SA
Via Nassa, 52
6900 Lugano, Switzerland
CHE 351.669.965

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